Request firmware config for concrete 3d printer

  • Hi, i am a newbie and currently handling a project of making concrete 3d printer by using duet2 wifi, could anybody kindly provide full Configuration RepRapFirmware for concrete 3d gantry printer? Thanks for helping.

  • Hi! You should provide your specific hardware, movement kinematic, and extruder type before anyone could help you.

  • @lsy388 Try searching this forum for "concrete printer". That'll likely throw up some users that could contact who might be able to help you. e.g.

  • Thanks for advice, my gantry concrete 3d printer design as shown below:-

    1. Mainboard - Duet2 wifi v1.04 32bit with 4.3" paneldue touch screen
    2. Controller driver - External driver servo motor
    3. 2 servo motor(x axis) running with gear rack
    4. 2 servo motor(z axis) running with DFU ball screw(3205)
    5. 1 servo motor(Y axis) running with gear rack
    6. 1 servo motor for screw cement extruder
    7. Printing flow rate: 51.3ml/s
    8. Printing speed: 200mm/s
      Appreciate for helping, thanks.

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