Mastro and Ethernet connection to Freebox router

  • Hello,

    I do not manage to connect my duet maestro to my freebox router.
    I have followed the "getting connected" instruction.
    I never received any response after M552 S1 P0.0.0.0 command.
    M552 is answering : "Network is enabled, configured IP address:, actual IP address:"
    Yet the Ethernet LED stay OFF and Duet is not connected. It is the same if I use a fixed address.

    What I know :
    -the duet work great directly connected to my computer through Ethernet
    -the Ethernet cable is working
    -the router is working

    Strange thing, it did connect once, but only once to my router 🤔
    I have tried changing settings of my router like disabling DHCP, auto-fixed address or forcing broadcast (don't know what it is), it doesn't change anything...

    What am I doing wrong ? What can I try else ? Does any French had problem before with freebox router ?

    Thanks for helping on this long, long journey !

  • @tusbube said in Mastro and Ethernet connection to Freebox router:

    Yet the Ethernet LED stay OFF

    would sugget there is something wrong with the cable and/or the Duet and the router is unable to negotate a link. If the router support forcing a link speed or duplex setting that might be worth a try.

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