Laser Filament Monitor - activate for USB prints

  • Hi,

    i already tried to find an answer to this but the last topic was from 2018, so im not sure if already something changed here.

    i'm currently using running my Duet Wifi on FM 2.05.1 with the laser filament monitor v2.

    since im nearly printing all from the Repetier Server and therefore over USB i would like to enable the filament monitor also for USB prints.

    Repetier-Server could handle the pause and resuming process as long as the firmware would send any message when a filament run-out is detected.

    is there any possibility to implement something like that?


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    Unfortunately a large part of reprapfirmware functionality expects the print to be executed from the internal sd card, streaming gcode commands over a USB connection loses a lot of functionality as the duet is simply executing the commands one at a time.

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    How would the firmware notify Repetier that the filament has run out?

    Even if Repetier paused, RRF would still empty the moves in its movement queue. Whereas when printing from SD card, RRF is usually able to stop without emptying the movement queue, and rewind the SD file position so that it can resume at the correct point.

    Another issue is that RRF can't distinguish between commands received over USB that are from a file being printed, and commands being sent manually by the user.

    I think the best we can do when RRF is not in control of the print would be to have a command that enables the filament monitor even when not printing from SD card, but when a filament error is detected it just sends a message to all channels saying so. It would then turn off filament monitoring until commanded to turn it on again.

  • @dc42 Hi,
    could you maybe point me in the right direction how such a command, to enable the filament monitor, could be send?
    How does it need to look like?


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