RepRap Configurator bug report.

  • Not sure where to report bugs/features for the reprap configuration website. I have two z-steppers on a Duet 3 on separate drivers, there is not a way to configure the second z-motor.

    When you click on the add drive icon on the io mapping page, it will only allow additional extruders to be defined.

    I would like to keep all my configuration work done through that page, but now I have to make my changes on the web site, then replace the drives section with my previous values.

    Please fix. Thanks

  • Moderator

    The functionality of the configurator is meant to get you a starting point. Currently, more complicated arrangements will require some implementation by hand. That said, I'll move to the wishlist forum, as work is always being doing to improve the functionality and this may before more easy with RRF3.

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