Printer freezes when opening webcontrol

  • Hi all,

    This weekend I ran into some problems with my duet 2 wifi. The problems where that my PanelDue 4.3 freezed when I was doing a 2 color print that needed to be paused to change the filament. The printer paused just like it normally did but my paneldue was freezed so i couldn't hit resume also webcontrol was not available due some kind of wifi issue. After that I tried another 2 color print to see if the problem came back and it did. I thought maybe it's something firmware related so I did a firmware upgrade to 3.1.1. I thought that would solve the problem and it did. But another problem occurred. The problem caused my printer to freeze at the start of a print or mid print when I opened webcontrol on my tablet. To solve that problem I removed find my duet from my tablet.

    My question to you all did any of you ran into a similar problem and knows how to solve it.

    kind regards,

    Ronald Wiekken

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