Duet WiFi connects to my IP but no DWC.

  • Duet Wifi powers up and says it is connected to my IP with correct name, password and IP number (can see it on the PanelDue console). I have seen it listed as being connected on my PC on my router settings, but when I go to type in the IP address into the browser, it comes up "site not found" I have tried everything but smashing this Duet with a hammer and buying a Ethernet one. I have had this over a month and cannot get it to connect to show me a DWC. I have 2 other Duets that are connected to the Ethernet and I have not had a problem with them.. Any suggestion?? I'm tired of fighting this thing. Thanks

  • @wickedracer said in Duet WiFi connects to my IP but no DWC.:

    site not found

    which browser? sounds like a dns issue, but if you're tying in the IP then that doesn't make sense.

    in any case verify the index.htm.gz file is in /www on the sd card with M20 P/www either on the PanelDue console or usb serial console.

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