Manually turn on Filament sensor

  • Hi im trying to integrate the Laser Filament Monitor into Repetier server and was wandering if there is any command which i could use to enable/turn-on the Filament sensor.


  • administrators

    Currently the filament monitor is only active when printing from SD card. We could change this, but there are some issues with using filament monitor when printing over USB from a server:

    • There is no standard mechanism for a filament monitor to communicate with a server that the filament monitor reports a problem;
    • When printing from SD card, if a filament error occurs then the print can be paused even though there are moves in the internal print queue. The firmware knows where in the SD file each move came from, therefore it can replay commands that were buffered but not executed before the pause. That isn't possible when receiving commands over USB, because the commands are not tagged with where they came from. So the printer has to complete all the moves in the queue even though there is a filament problem.

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