I want to execute some g codes before a move finishes

  • Some moves on my printer are long and slow and I really want to be able to change sertain things entered in DWC right away such as fan speed, extrusion rate overide, feed rate override and not have to wait until the current move or current queue is finished. Also, if I were to use g code controlled spindle, I would also want the spindle speed to change right now instead waiting for the rest of the moves in the queue. For example, it can be executing a 300mm linear move running 15mm/s and I might have to wait 20s for any adjustments to take effect.

    I am using Duet2Ethernet with firmware 2.02. Has this changed alredy?

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    I can move this to the firmware wishlist but there are some limitations on interrupting long moves. I'm not sure if things have changed in that regard since 2.02, but many other things have. It may be worth reading up on the change log between 2.02 and now and see if anything catches your eye as worth the upgrade.

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    If the moves being executed are being read from the SD card then it should already be possible to adjust some things (e.tg. fan speeds and spindle speed) from DWC while the moves are being executed. It is only commands received from the same GCode input channel that are strictly sequenced. However, commands that affect movement (e.g. speed factor override and extrusion factor override) will only affect subsequent motion commands, not motion commands already in the pipeline.

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