BuildInstructions missing crc32appender setup

  • Re: crc32appender now needed for RRF?

    The BuildInstructions file on the dev branch is missing the setup instructions on windows for crc32appender, which is needed on the v3.02-dev branch.

    Something like:
    Add the RepRepFirmware/Tools subdirectory for your platform to the PATH environment variable. This allows the build process to find the crc32appender tool. You can do this in Eclipse in the "Window->Preferences->C++->Build->Environment"
    dialog. Click "Add..." and add PATH as the variable. For the value, use the path to the directory. If you've been following these directions closely on Windows, this would be "C:\Eclipse\Firmware\RepRapFirmware\Tools\crc32appender\win-x86_64". Ensure "Append variables to environment" is selected before clicking "Apply and Close"

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