stackOverflow at Tasks.cpp

  • Hello everyone!

    My second post here and got some stochastic “SoftwareResetReason::stackOverflow” when my robot moves (See attached screenshot).

    -> RepRapFirmware: v3.01-dev [Debug-Build] (Commit hash 5dda6c9d5aaa24ea94f9246db73e702580e5d0dc).

    In the function stackOverflowDispatcher(pulFaultStackAddress, pcTaskName) in Tasks.cpp I got the values pulFaultStackAddress= 0x2045ffac and pcTaskName= TMC.

    So thinking that there is maybe an issue in Stepper Drivers at TMC, but actually I don’t know exactly.

    Does anyone know this problem or how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance,
    Best Peter


    • Duet 3 Board (ATSAM70Q20)

    Duet 3 Firmware

    • RepRapFirmware: v3.01-dev [Debug-Build] (Commit hash 5dda6c9d5aaa24ea94f9246db73e702580e5d0dc).
    • RRFLibraries: dev
    • CoreNG: dev
    • FreeRTOS: master
    • DuetWiFiSocketServer: master

    [4_1593442677965_Duet3Firmware.bin](Uploading 100%) [3_1593442677965_Duet3Firmware.7z.002](Uploading 100%) [2_1593442677965_Duet3Firmware.7z.001](Uploading 100%) [1_1593442677965_config.g](Uploading 100%) ![0_1593442677965_Bug.PNG](Uploading 100%)

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    As you are running a debug build, I guess you have built the firmware yourself. Some of the task stacks need to be increased in debug builds. As the TMC task was running when the stack overflow was reported, the constant you need to increase is the size of the stack for the TMC task, which you will find in the TMC5160 driver file.

  • @dc42 Thanks, that solve my Problem 🙂 . This should perhaps be covered by a "DEBUG-BUILD-FLAG".