Simulation mode glitches 3.1.1

  • Hi,
    [Running firmware 3.1.1 on a Duet 2 Maestro.]

    I have recently discovered simulation mode (M37) to be a very nice way of getting an accurate printing time estimate. When testing this, I have come across what seems like small mismatches between what the documentation says, what the web interface displays, and what actually happens:

    The documentation of gcode M37 says that "M37 S0" should end simulation mode and print the time estimate, but it seems like nothing is printed. I can use M37 with no parameters to get the time estimate (in seconds).

    When running a print job from the web interface while in simulation mode, the web interface correctly says that it is running a simulation. At the end of the job, however, it states that the time used was 0 (zero). My guess is that the intension was to show the estimated print time.

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