Duet Maestro web control not responding when print from console

  • I am wondering if this is by design. When I print directly from the console on the printer, where I am using the Reprap full graphics controller, the DWC comes up, but will not talk to the printer. A ping will see the printer on the network, but the DWC will not respond to any button, reload, cache flush, nothing. I just get the interface but it is unresponsive.

    Is this by design so that a panel console print is not disturbed?


  • Moderator

    @dlc60 By 'print directly from the console on the printer', do you mean you are using a PanelDue or 12864 display? Neither should disconnect the web interface, so something is not quite right. Please post the Maestro firmware version (M115) and PanelDue (if that's what you're using) firmware version, and the DWC version.

    If you're using a 12864, what menu system are you using?


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