UNSOLVED Laser Macro - Duet2 Wifi Ooznest

  • Hi all,

    sorry in advance this may be a stupid question that has already been answered but I really would need it in idiot terms. I have recently bought a Opt laser to go with Ooznest CNC running on a Duet2 wifi with the Ooznest firmeware.

    The laser is all set up and fires when I put a M3 S255 (255 being full power) no problem. The problem is arising from the configuration I believe. So I have tested it with Vectrics trail software with the original PP for the duet and essentially what happens is the laser give a quick on blast and then nothing from the laser whilst the job runs it's coarse.

    It has been suggested that I need to create a macros with the laser configuration for it to work with the PP. Now Opt kindly edited the PP to include it's configuration, however this clearly restricts me to Vectric. I have attached the original PP and the edited version which shows the added commands which are;

    VAR POWER = [P|A|S|1.0|2.55] - This instead of 10 in the original for 1 - 1000 the A was changed from a C.

    "M307 H3 A-1 C-1 D-1"
    "M452 P3 R255 F1000"
    "M3 S0"

    With these changes in the PP it creates the Gcode with the commands M3 S255 (or whatever the power is). However without these changes and in the likes of Lightburn Gcodes the S commands are on the end of the G1 commands.

    Both Ooznest and Vectric have said I need to create a Macro with the laser configuration, which I can only presume is the information above? (maybe wrongly presuming of course). The problem is I have no idea how to put the configuration in to a Macro. I know how to create the macro but have no idea what information to include and how to lay it out.


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