.BIN files in sys directory - do they belong

  • Hi,

    I recently updated a spare Duet WiFi board that was running an older v2 firmware to a more recent v2 firmware (2.05.1 is what I had on on hand).

    When finished everything seems to be working fine but there are three .BIN files in the SYS directory.


    Should they be there? I don't recall .BIN files being left there on past updates BUT my memory is not what it once was.



  • Moderator

    They are harmless. If you ever needed to reflash for some reason they would be present. The IAP files are needed for flashing.

  • administrators

    You need iap4e.bin when you upgrade the main firmware. The other two .bin files are the current main firmware and current wifi firmware.

  • Thanks for the feedback.


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