Modulated vs unmodulated mode on IR probe

  • Hi,

    I'm upgrading my Duet 0.6 from ancient 1.00 firmware from RepRapPro to 1.18.

    My printer is a RepRapPro Huxely Duo.

    In examining the homeall.g file, I find in my old file that the IR probe is set to unmodulated mode during X homing?

    M558 P1           ; set probe to unmodulated mode

    And then set to modulated mode during Z homing.

    Shall I maintain that in the new homeall.g ?

    Can anyone explain?


  • administrators

    RepRapPro used to switch the IR probe mode in the homing files for their releases of RRF. I'm not sure why they did this, but it may have been related to the low IR modulation frequency they used in that version. If the IR sensor triggers reliably in modulated mode when the sensor is over the X homing tab (i.e. the Z probe reading is above your G31 P parameter by a substantial amount), then I suggest you use modulated mode all the time.

  • Thanks!

    I'll give it a try!

    BTW, I managed to upgrade the firmware to 1.18 and it seems to work so far!


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