Can I delete some of the files on my Duet WiFi

  • Hi,

    I went ahead and updated my Duet WiFi board firmware from 2.05 to 3.1.1.

    There are a number of .BIN files in the sys directory that were not there before the update.

    Do they all apply to my board or can I delete some of them?



    Update BIN files.jpg

  • the file that are relevant for the wifi is duetwifiserver,bin, duet2combinedfimware.bin and duet2combinediap.bin, the rest are for maestro and duet3 as filenames indicate.

    you won't break anything except M997 by deleting all of them - and you can still update by uploading a new .zip file that has all of them in it - but some of the incremental updates won't have the IAP and WiFi binary (the WiFi binary isn't needed unless its actually changed which seems to be rare)

  • @bearer

    Thank you.

    That is what I wanted to be sure of before removing the clutter.


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