Object Model: Coordinate system number and work coordinates?

  • @dc42
    Hi David,
    Would it be possible to have the current wcs and work coordinates available in the object model? This would really help those of us who are using the duets for cnc work and need to keep an eye on these values and or use them in conditional gcode.

  • administrators

    They already are:

    04/08/2020, 21:40:20 	echo move.axes[0].workplaceOffsets[move.workspaceNumber-1]
    04/08/2020, 21:39:33 	echo move.workspaceNumber

    Note, workspace numbers are counted from 1 upwards as defined by NIST, but the workplaceOffsets array is indexed from 0 as usual; hence the -1 in the index expression.

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