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    I bought an lcd screen to connect it to my cnc workbee.

    I would like to extend the 4-wire cable from 1m to 3m. I would like to know what type of cable I should put. I have the 2 taken to connect to my screen and my duet.

    thank you


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    I use 4-core unscreened multicore cable. The longer the cable, the thicker it needs to be. Resistance per conductor should not exceed 0.2 ohms, preferably no more than 0.1 ohms.

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    @tedey Do you mean you bought a PanelDue? Most other LCDs are not supported. For PanelDue cabling, see

    The length of the 4-way cable is not critical, however the resistance per conductor should not exceed 0.1 ohm. The SD card socket on the TFT panel will not be functional. The cables supplied by Escher3D and Duet3D are about 800mm long. There have been reports of cables up to 1500mm long being successfully used. Take care to route the cable away from motor and endstop cables. Twisting the cables may help prevent cross talk interference.

    Using 18 AWG (0.823mm^2) copper wire should give a resistance below 0.1ohms over 3 meters, but it may be worth using 16 AWG (1.3mm^2) for lower resistance. Make sure you make the crimps and connections well, too. Let us know what works!


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