Speed issue: Web-Interface vs. Telnet

  • Hi all,

    I have an interesting problem with the Duet2.

    I want to slowly move the z-axis down and then call a macro. The macro moves the Y axis back and forth several times very fast.
    In my sequence I communicate with the Duet board via Telnet. If I call the macro after I slowly move down, the Y axis will also move slowly, although the speed is set in the macro.
    If I call the macro from the web interface, it works.
    If I call the macro via Telnet again, it will move slowly again.

    What is the reason for this? Are there two different speeds for Telnet and HTTP?

    Many thanks.


  • iirc someone did some testing to find telnet faster, which makes sense as it has less (none) overhead; but telnet is also something that is likely to be deprecated in the future.

    if you try to dig through some search results here you might find the posts

  • administrators

    Please share the contents of the macro. There should be no difference in the behaviour.

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