Connecting to DWC randomly resets Duet 2 wifi

  • First up I don't think this is a DWC fault.
    My printer lives in the garage and I monitor it via either my phone or computer depending on where I am.
    I've had a couple of occasions where I have found that a print had stopped dead with no error indicated. This has been rare and I suspected a reset but couldn't figure why.
    Yesterday I was sitting outside near the garage and decided to check the print progress via my iphone.
    As soon as I connected, I heard the tune I have set up when the machine boots up.
    I'm guessing somehow the browser is activating the emergency stop button but a I can't reliably reproduce it and it has as stated been rare.
    Has anyone noted a similar event and been able to put their finger on the cause?

    The iPhone uses safari
    I usually use Firefox on my pc, but have just started using chrome because I find Firefox seems to drop the connection if the tab isn't focused for a period of time.
    Perhaps this is related?

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    This has happened to me once before a long time ago, but never happened again.

    Can you provide the results of M122 after the reset if it happens again?

    I assume this is running firmware 3.1.1 and DWC 3.1.1?

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