UNSOLVED Limitation of filament name length

  • I've just had an issue where on starting a print I noticed that nothing was being extruded. While the correct tool was selected, the active temperature was 0. I discovered that it was because the config.g script wasn't being executed for the filament after the T command, similarly M703 did nothing either. It seems that the filament name was truncated in filaments.csv to 31 characters (presumably 32 with a null terminator?) so while the filament was stored with the originally specified full length name, the system couldn't find it after. While I appreciate 31 may be enough for most users, it would be appreciated if the limit could be increased. Either way, I feel this is a bug as it's possible to specify a name longer than parts of the system can handle.

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    @ChrisP Thanks for reporting. I've brought it to the attention of @dc42 and @chrishamm


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    What kind of names are you creating that are longer than 32 characters?

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