RRF 3.1.1 move.axes[0].userPosition=move.axes[0].userPosition/2

  • I'm trying to make a hole probe macro with RRF 3.1.1

    Is it possible to read current axis work position and divide it by 2?

    The below does not work: move.axes[0].userPosition=move.axes[0].userPosition/2
    but is it possible to achieve this in some other way?


  • Wouldn't you just need to do the following?

    G0 X{move.axes[0].userPosition/2}

  • Thanx! woprks very well now. This is what I ended up with.

    M558 K0 P5 C"!io2.in" F100; create probe #1 for use with M585, active low

    G38.2 X596 P0
    G10 P2 L20 X0
    G0 X{move.axes[0].userPosition-1}
    G38.2 X0 P0
    G0 X{move.axes[0].userPosition/2}
    G10 P2 L20 X0
    G38.2 y810 P0
    G10 P2 L20 Y0
    G0 Y{move.axes[0].userPosition-1}
    G38.2 Y0 P0
    G0 Y{move.axes[1].userPosition/2}
    G10 P2 L20 Y0

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