PanelDue stuck on "Connecting" after Duet Wifi Firmware Update

  • I've updated my Duet Wifi firmware first to 3, which worked fine. The Duet Wifi rebooted, the PanelDue showed the new version. Then I updated to 3.1.1. This time, the PanelDue remained stuck on the "Rebooting" message after the update. When I manually reset the machine, the PanelDue is stuck in the "Connecting..." state.

    The Duet Wifi itself seems to work okay, I can connect to it from Pronterface.

    Any ideas?

  • whats the firmware version of the paneldue?

    can you manually send M575 P1 S1 B57600 and see if it connects

  • administrators

    Do you have the correct M575 command in config.g? This command used to be optional, but in 3.1.x it is required when using a PanelDue.

  • did you add the config to enable PanelDue serial port as of 3.1.0 as pr ?

    All PanelDue users: the PanelDue connector (or IO_0 on Duet 3) is no longer dedicated to PanelDue, therefore if you connect a PanelDue to this port you must use the following command in config.g to enable it: M575 P1 S1 B57600. You can use baud rates other than 57600, however the IAP files all assume 57600 baud; therefore if you use another baud rate then PanelDue will not display firmware update progress.

  • The M575 command fixed it! Thank you so much!

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