Request 'Admin' account/password for DWC

  • I would like to see the addition of an 'Admin' password for DWC.

    Just like any other computer system, creating a separate admin account allows for the proper separation of duties and configuration/security. Of course I want end-users to use the device but they shouldn't be able to change the system files or macros unless it is warranted and approved, or they agree to take full responsibility.
    Far too many times someone comes along who is smarter, and knows better, that just cannot keep their hands out of the 'cookie jar' and inadvertently causes damage – firsthand experience, both sides of the fence. And yes, I know that a person can simply remove the sd-card and make changes, but that is a bit different - in this case the person would have to take the time and effort to open the machine, break the tamper seal, and then own the potential problems to be faced with.


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