Pause on motor disconnect

  • While printing overnight one of the wires to my extruder motor broke just above the crimp. Checking the console tab on the PanelDue, there were numerous warnings about the "motor phase may be disconnected". This is all fine and dandy, but I wonder why there is no pause triggered on such a warning, as it is quite serious and I have never seen a false positive.

    Therefore my feature request, trigger a pause on a detection of a motor phase disconnected. Or at least make it configurable via g-codes

  • administrators

    Unfortunately the "disconnected" warnings are often spurious. They can be triggered just by setting low motor currents (so we suppress the warnings below 500mA now) and by other conditions. Trinamic advises that they are intended for debugging only. But in some cases they are reliable, so i guess we could consider an option to pause the print.

  • would the duet be able to use something like the super cheap printed filament sensor @ fractalengineer designed as a poor mans closed loop system for motion?

    i.e just pause if something that is a significant deviation occurs - or is it just too much work for the duet/dev?

  • @dc42 I didn't know this feature was considered for debugging only. I guess the drivers are using some indirect type of measurement and not some plain resistance measurement.

    I guess making it configurable and documenting it well to informing that it might trigger false positives, especially at low currents.

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