Support for MAX6675

  • I have just written a small class to support the MAX6675. Any interest on upstreaming?

    This is currently only tested on a pretty dated duet 0.6. But that's all hardware i have available.

    Currently i am not sure which virtual pin to use. 175 is just after the other thermistors but it does not fit into 50 spacing row?

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    I guess that's useful if you already have a MAX6675 module. However, that chip was superseded years ago by the MAX31855 and more recently by the MAX31856. Both of these are supported by RRF.

  • Yes, i know that its an older version, anyhow the board with a newer chip is not working for me. I guess the hardware is defective. So i reverted back to this board i happed to have. I think it is nice to have these options.

    The code and maintenance overhead is not so high and even if the chip is old its still possible to buy boards with this chip?

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