Whole window click and drag

  • There's one thing I miss a lot from Octoprint and just realized even Wordpress has it too;

    A full window click-n-drag area

    How many times did I clik and drag my gcode only to realize DWC is in the wrong tab....so sad and frustrating

    Now I understand that there are 3 main folders where files can be dropped in; sys, macros and jobs.

    So how about following the Octoprint split window (upload to internal/SD card) with a twist?


    I'm proposing splitting the window in 3 areas when a file is dragged over

    With a 1/5 - 3/5 - 1/5 repartition for instance; giving the largest area to the most used one, gcode

    so that's 1/5 on either side for sys and macros
    and the remaining 3/5 in the middle to upload to jobs

    Wouldn't that be useful to everyone?

    Please comment or upvote if you think so too 🙂


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