Use SAM E70 Xplained(ATSAME70Q21) to try the firmware

  • I was wondering if it is possible to install the Reprap firmware on SAM E70 Xplained kit ?
    A quick review for the schematics of the duet3 and the kit revels that they both are using the same KSZ8081RNACA chip with the same bin configuration!
    I mentioned the Ethernet part because I think it is the most important part for communication with the firmware after installing it on the Kit!

    Can I use the current compiled firmware from Github or should I compile my own ?
    I have tried to compile my own but I faced a lot of issues!

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    In fact we used the SAME70XPLD to port RRF to the SAM E70. But since we moved on, the build configuration and pin tables have been dropped in favour of the Duet 3. This means the pin allocation is different in many regards.

    I suggest you have a look at the v3-dev branch of RRF and try to compile it with suitable library versions. You may have to search for the right commits yourself. Perhaps you can reuse the pin files and build configurations to create your own RRF + library forks for the SAME70XPLD too.

  • Thanks for reply, I really was planning to design my own board based on the Duet3 hardware but with different philosophy in mind, I want to adopt most of the hardware but on an industrial scale.
    With I/O protection and with higher operating voltages 36~48V for steppers, an isolated power supply rails for logic and control/drivers.

    I am going to use the same microcontroller (ATSAME70Q21) and I am going to use most of the current pin configuration used in Duet3.

    I will try to see the branch you referred to but I really doubt that I will be able to make a good use of it, I am not used to develop in eclipse nor have a big experience developing with c/c++ but I will try my best

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    FWIW we're planning to do a version of Duet 3 that runs at up to 50V. Duet 3 already has quite a lot of I/O protection.

  • I have been able to finally build a version with SAME70XPLD build configuration and I was able to download the bin file on the board using Atmel studio 7, I made sure that the boot is from the internal flash and the programming address is 0x400000 (default)

    After connecting the board with an Ethernet cable I tried to find an IP address for the board but I couldn't find any!

    Can someone help here?

    I was hoping to connect to the board with Duet web control after this long journey!

    BTW, Atmel Studio identify the onboard chip as ATSAME21Q70B not A

  • After some investigation and reviewing the schematics of the xplained and Duet3 I found that I can use the other USB port on the Xplained the same way used on Duet3 and I was able to use YAT according to this page:

    That being said, I couldn't really get it to connect via the web interface!

    I did exactly what came in Step 8:
    Duet 2 Ethernet/Maestro and Duet 3 standalone - Enable Ethernet Connection

    I entered M552 S1 P192.168.1.110 and I got this message:
    ok<LF>Ethernet running, IP address =<LF>

    but this is not showing on the my ip list in my router nor I can connect via Duet web Control !!

  • @nour

    I use Atmel Studio 7 to write RepRapFirmware 3.1.1 bin to the SAME70-XPLD. I did as you did and connect with YAT using the second usb connection on the SAME70-XPLD (not the debug usb). I confirmed the firmware loaded successfully by typing M115 in YAT.

    I was able to directly connect a cat5e network cable to the SAME70-XPLD to the laptop network port. From the page:, I followed STEP 8 and typed the command M552 S0 then M552 S1 P192.168.1.15. I set the network interface on the laptop to static and gave the address I was then able to connect to the SAME70-XPLD via the web browser to the address. However, I do get the error that the DUET WEB Control files are missing from the SD card WWW folder. I noticed that the SD CARD on the SAME70-XPLD does not work with the RepRapFirmware. Seems that the SD CARD Detect pin on the Duet 3 6hc is on PA29 but on the SAME70-XPLD is on PC16. So the firmware will need to be changed in order for the SD card reader to work. And of course a bunch of other pins because on the SAME70-XPLD it has that 16MB DRAM that takes up 36 or so pins that the Duet 3 6hc uses. The firmware will need to be changed to reflect that as well. It's a good learning experience though. Thanks.

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