Virtual heaters in 1.19.6beta

  • I was just reading the release notes for the 1.19 beta versions and came across the virtual heaters which looks like what I need to display the various thermistors I have stuck on various places on my printer. Specifically this piece of text in the release notes.

    "Heaters can be named by adding parameter H"name" in the M105 command. The quote-marks are compulsory. The temperatures of named virtual heaters are made available to DWC for display".

    I'm guessing that as we are talking about beta firmware, the Wiki documentation might be lagging behind because the wiki page for M105 ( seems to indicate that this is just for reporting the current extruder temperature or all active heater temperatures, So, I'm not quite sure how to give a name to a particular heater.

    Is that a typo and M105 should be M305?

    I've tried creating a virtual heater (P103) but can't see it anywhere on DWC so I'm guessing that although the named virtual heaters are available for display, DWC itself hasn't yet been updated to make use of this feature. Correct?

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    Yes it should read M305. I've just corrected it.

    I believe chrishamm will soon release the DWC version with this facility.

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