Script to Upload to Duet3 Machines

  • Hi There -

    I've made a Script in python using a new method I added to Danal's (RIP) DuetWebAPI to automatically upload files to duet 3's (with SBC? not sure, all I have is w/ SBC)

    Should be slicer-agnostic, just add it to your post processing scripts with the following command (or run it in a terminal, doesn't matter)

    python3 {pathtoyourscript}/ "[output_filepath]" {DuetIP}

    Its in my slicertools repo where I have two other tools like mesh-resizing (I combined S3D and SS from this link into a single script, and added a probeSpacing variable that can be called from the command line) and G10 conversion for conventional slicers (particularily convenient for toolchangers!

    I know the code is probably pretty scuffed, and I'm more than happy to learn!

    Hopefully this helps someone else!

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