M98 issue at beginning of print

  • We are experiencing another issue that I need to report with M98. We are using a Duet 3 / RPi and running 3.2b1.

    We are cleaning up our startup routine by putting some of the starting code into a file named "start.g" and then called that from near the top of the job by using M98 P"start.g". What we are experiencing is that the code within start.g immediately executes skipping the previous commands.

    Here is where I was with the startup routine when the issue was experienced. Note this isn't very clean, as I was nowhere near finished, but it hopefully makes it easy to reproduce. I added beeps in different hertz to audibly tell where it's at in the order of execution..

    M300 S2000 P200
    M300 S3000 P200
    M106 P0 S0
    M300 S4000 P200
    M140 S110
    M300 S5000 P200
    M104 S230 T0
    M300 S6000 P200
    M300 S7000 P200
    M98 P"start.g"

    Here is start.g with a longer beep at a higher hertz.

    M300 S10000 P1000
    G21					; Set units to millimeters
    G28					; Home all
    G29 S1					; Load height map
    M221 S98				; Flow percentage

    The expected results are that I hear multiple beeps in ascending hertz along with the execution of the corresponding commands.

    The actual results are that I only hear 1 beep at 10k for 1s and the printer instantly homes and begins to print with none of the earlier commands being executed (no beeps and the heaters haven't even turned on).


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    File start.g is run automatically when you start a print job from SD card. Please choose a different name for your custom start file, to avoid confusion.

  • @dc42 well, that's on me.. sorry. This explains several other issues it was causing! For my reference, is there a list of all "protected" filenames the system uses that I may reference?


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    In addition to the regular system files (homing, etc, etc.)


  • Marking this solved and stating once more that it is not an issue and just my lack of understanding of protected files. Sorry for raising a non-issue and thank you both for course-correcting me so quickly!

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