Feature to do a rest call on Temperature Error / Printer Error

  • I have a 220V powered Heated Bed so when things go wrong with heating they may get terribly wrong.

    On the other hand I have all my printers connected via ethernet controlled power switches.

    So one thing to do could be to send a 'switch power off' command to the switch in case of a temperature error:

    is something like this already possible? If not, it would be nice to have a g-code that lets me configure a http request to turn off main power to the printer and then to be able to attach this request to a heater error.


  • I think a fair bit of heater safety code exists in the firmware already, so a temperature excursion, a disconnected thermistor, temp. not rising faster enough or too fast will all cause a heater fault and switch the bed off. The really risky one with a mains powered bed is the ssr failing with high voltage side connected and as DC has said to me before safety systems shouldn't be microprocessor controlled, a thermal fuse is going to be a much better safety net than a software based kill power command.

  • The failing ssr is exacly the thing I am after here.

    When the ssr fails it will most likely have absolutely nothing to do with the cpu so I guess this will add a safety net that of course is not perfect, but will decrease the possibility of a fatal issue by quite a bit, so I guess the feature is not a complete waste of effort.

    Besides this it could also be possible to automagically power down the printer after a print (I guess the ATX function is for that, but the power supplies sold for 12/24 V usually do not have an input for switching them on/off by software).

    That's also something that would be nice to have.

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