MQTT4DSF - An SBC Python service for MQTT integration with DSF

  • Following a conversation over on the DSF LPC discord group about using MQTT with DUET, I've had a go at creating a python service for SBC's running DSF, which enables MQTT integration with DSF.

    MQTT4DSF ( has 4 main functions:

    1. Subscribe to user defined DSF events and send mqtt msgs to a broker of choice on receipt of event (user configurable)
    2. Poll DSF on a timed frequency and send mqtt msgs based on a value delta (user configurable)
    3. Send user defined MQTT msgs when specially formatted M117 msgs are received from DSF events.
    4. Act as MQTT to GCode proxy - passing GCode commands to DSF and executing them on the machine, by subscribing to a custom MQTT topic.

    Short video of features in use -

    It runs on the DSF SBC (tested on rpi), using the DSF python API library, and the Duet Rest API. Its user configurable through a json file accessible through DWC.


    It's had limited testing but I hope it might be of use to someone here.

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