Firmware retraction with wipe

  • I've just been reading some of the feature requests on RRF github page and a found this...

    When we get variable support in conditional G-Code, we could set retract and wipe distances and have the slicer just reference those. Then we can have RRF filament definitions for each filament and also the ability to update them during a job (which is my main reason for preferring firmware retraction)

    As an example you could set the retraction distance to 99.99, a little post-processing script to swap E-99.99 for E{retractionDistance} this would look like this in...
    PrusaSlicer: /usr/bin/sed -e '/E-99.99/E-{retractionDistance}/g'
    Simplify3D: {REPLACE " E-99.99" " E-{retractionDistance}"}

    This would work until the slicers are updated to allow direct variable references for these values.

    Thinking about it further maybe we could do this now already by swapping E-99.99 for E-{tools[0].retraction.length}??

    This does only work if using relative extrusion though.

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