Rotary axis configuration and post processor

  • Hi,
    I hope someone can point me in the right direction with a couple of things.
    I am adding a rotary axis (parallel with the Y axis) to my 3 axis router (ooznest OX). The xPro controller s which I‘ve had for a few years seems unable to be adapted to the task. I think I will need 5 stepper motor outputs (for X, Y, Z, Y slave, A axes) and it appears that Duet 2 will fit the bill. I have seen a duet 2 up and running with a Workbee machine but controlling 3 axes only. There was not an obvious means of configuring a 4th rotational axis in the Workbee software. So… is it straightforward, using the Duet web interface to set up a rotational axis (and to clone the Y axis as a slave)? If so is it just a case of clicking a few boxes in the software?
    Secondly, does anyone know of a post processor for use with Fusion 360 which will generate g code for the 4 axes, which will be understood by Duet 2?
    I do hope this makes some sense...

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