Nozzle diameter in object model

  • Just a sanity check on whether the nozzle diameter set by M404 is available in the object model before I raise a request issue on Github. I had a good dig but couldn't find it.

    Having that available would be incredibly useful for setting movement/extrusion behaviours for different nozzles:
    if nozzle diameter = 0.4;
    set pressure advance to this
    else if nozzle diameter is 1.2;
    set pressure advance to this

    I would handle a nozzle change by manually changing M404 in the tool post file.

    Whilst on my browsing of the object model I noticed that filament was under the move.extruders node, I think this makes more sense under the tools node as it's not movement related.

    Conversely, retraction is under the tools node but perhaps should be under the move.extruders node as it is extruder movement related. I'm not sure what the determining factors for the location of these parameters is.

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