Duet3/RPi 3.2b1 G29 S0 issue

  • I've recently been working again on our mesh bed leveling routine. What I've noticed is that when G29 S0 fails (say the A parameter is set to low), the next time it runs the probe is now further offset than where it should be.. and this offset happens with G30 as well. This offset is probably the 20mm x 20mm offset of my probe to the nozzle, but I haven't validated that.

    To better explain, I tell it to do a 9 point test using:

    M557 X34.5:265.5 Y34.5:265.5 S115.5

    After a failure, all points are shifted in the positive direction on both the X and Y axis. The only way I've been able to correct this is rebooting. It will then work as expected until the next failure..

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist with diagnosing this.


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