Duet 2 Wifi stuck in diagnostic mode

  • I recently got a 2nd Duet 2 Wifi board second hand and I did not notice that the erase jumper was shorted. I went to reinstall the latest firmware but when using Bossa, I keep getting the error "Flash Command Fail" when writing. If I tick the "erase all" check box it seems to write OK and will verify but the board is still in diagnostic mode.

    I tried using a different cable, different computer, and a previous firmware image, but no luck.

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    As documented in the wiki, you need to check all three of Erase, Lock, and Boot From Flash.

  • Jumper should be removed before performing the flash operation, otherwise board will remain in bootloader.

    Some have issues with resetting the board after flashing, I prefer the command line version as it takes care of the reset in software. Recent topic about the same (adjust filename and COM port number to suit if you wanna give it a go)

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