Re-Programming Duet Web Control

  • Hi, everyone.

    My boss asked me to re-programme the Duet Web Control generate by the DUET 2 Wifi. He want me to change some tools so the site will adapt to the clients needs and also to give it a look similar to the enterprise I work in.

    I have no Idea where to start tbh and I would also like to know if this is legal, knowing that is an open source code and it'll be money on the middle. My boss wants to sell the printers with a "firm", something the client can recognize from where it came from.

    I would like to know if you can clarify my doubt and also guide me a little with the programming work... I barely know the basics for HTML and CSS and I have never worked on Bootstrap. Would you kindly help me, please?

    Thank you in advance.

  • you can find the source here

    The license is

    Duet Web Control is free software; it is licensed under the terms of the GNU Public License v3.

    this means you are free to modify it, but you will have to provide the source code upon request.

  • @Veti

    sorry if I bother you... as I said I'm inexpert on Dev Web and I feel right now like being in the midle of the ocean without knowing where to go... Do you have or know where should I start? I know the basics from HTML and CSS and I have studied how to start the Duet and I even got the new firmware for it. But I don't know what to do now :l

  • @ricardomd

    looking at the code most of it seems to be written in vue

    but if you want to change the duet web control, i think you will need to lead javascript and then look at vue.

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