RRF3 Beta version(s) issue

  • I have come upon an issue with ALL the Beta Versions of RRF3.

    if I chose the option "print again" the printer starts to "stutter" and very slowly attempts to reach X & Y Maximum (if left to it's own devices) the head will continue and try to drive itself in to infinity of X & Y without stopping.

    The only thing that clears it is a reboot.

    I can replicate the issue across numerous printers, a rollback to RRF 3.1.1 appears to rectify the issue.

  • administrators

    Which Duet(s)? Standalone or with SBC?

  • @dc42

    A Duet 2 (wifi), Duet-3/SBC and Duet-3 in Standalone mode

    All my printers are currently on longish prints, i will try to take a video of one doing its thing later

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