• Hi,

    first I think DWC is a nice and powerful tool! I really like using it. Great work! Especially with the outlook to also use the upcoming duet3mini with a sbc like raspi and having the dwc directly controlling the duet, sbc´s like raspi open up a world of affordable touchscreens and then all those new nice plugins 🙂 - that really boosts the usability in my opinion! Really great!

    Why I am writing, is a few ideas (hope to have a good discussion) about the graph in the upper right corner, when setting up an old anycubic with duet2ethernet hopefully soon duet3mini:

    Most severe for me and maybe others:
    With more and more sensors under Extra, maybe it is time to maybe split them for a second Extra, with the first one for e.g. "Extra 1-4" or so and next "Extra 5-8" or so...?

    Resolution of information:
    With new sensors and new sensor ranges, e.g. for temperature going up to maybe 500°C on those high-temperature-hotends (I do not own one so this is only a guess) and the humidity sensor on the DHT only going from 0-100, on the long run this might be a bit difficult to see the smaller humidity-graph change in relation to its size in the chart. One simple but maybe confusing solution, would be, to have an optional numberrow with adjusted spacing/stepwidth for each individual "sensor" (with the numbers in the same colour as the graph they are for) to take full advantage of those nice graphs? Or maybe be able to zoom in(?) or adjust the size of the box(?). Or have some sort of 3D-graph or so... Just thinking out loud here...

    since DHT´s can now easily be added thanks to RRF3 I got 2 of them, 1 for the build-chamber, 1 for the filament-box (the actual filament loaded for the print). I think DHT-support was added to open up new possibilities with G-code meta-commands to also make sure e.g. humidity in the filamentbox and printchamber are within a certain range - at least that is what I wanna do with it. So I guess the wording "Temperature chart" might be on the long run rather a "sensor chart" - what do you think? Just thinking out loud here...

    Nice to have for debugging/finetuning:
    The least important: For debugging prints would be cool to have a macro or an G-/M-code to "record" a CSV or TSV of all of the sensor-values to a folder of the sd-card? Or hide show it in the Print-status so you see how they behaved the whole print...

    Really like the DWC and just thinking about some ideas - hope it is not like a brain-fart but maybe there is something interesting there. After all DWC keeps getting better and better - so thank you for your nice work and time and effort 👍

    Edit: Rearranged the order that would be important for me, also had a misunderstanding on the behaviour of the "extra-tab" for the additional sensors toggle on/off -> Sorry for that, corrected it

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