I report problems after updating to RRF3.2 beta 4

  • @dc42, @chrishamm, I report some problems that I encountered after updating to RRF3.2 beta 4:

    • Displaying this message with daemon.g file is loaded in sys
    Warning: Macro file has been started on channel Daemon but none was requested

    To remedy the problem I have temporarily removed it.

    -During leveling of the bed with Bltouch I am finding values that seem inconsistent, with beta 3.2, bed mesh was much more homogeneous. The thing that seemed strange to me is that with daemon.g file active, probing was much worse
    but I can't tell if the problem is related or it's just a case.

    I am using Duet3 + SBC + EXP3HC. I upgraded the expansion card in standalone mode.
    Unfortunately I am not in front of printer and cannot provide a report until tomorrow morning.

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    Thanks for reporting this, I'll have a look at it tomorrow.

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    I've got a fix ready for the warning message, thanks for reporting that. Do you call any other macro files from daemon.g?

  • Thanks @chrishamm, no macro is called in daemon.g, for now it just checks supply voltage. I also tried to delete contents of file but the warning message kept repeating.

  • @chrishamm, do you think the problem is also related to inconsistent values when probing bed with BLTouch?
    After deleting daemon.g it seems the problem is solved. Also today I tried to launch some prints but I didn't find any problems with probing

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    @Marco-Bona I don't think it is related to the warning message. daemon.g is requested in a non-blocking way but sub-macros aren't, hence my question.

    Please try out @dc42's experimental RRF build from here and check if it makes a difference.

  • @chrishamm, sorry for delay in replying but this week I had a commitment, I upgraded yesterday to beta 4.1 which works perfectly even if I don't know why I had to recalibrate BLTouch because I find a difference of 0.05mm. I think the problem is not related to firmware however I solved it.
    Thanks for the support.

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