[3.2beta4] P5 probe type must be at K0

  • I know you can only define a single P5 probe in RRF3.01. However it seems that unfortunately the probe index for P5 is also hardcoded as 0... 😞

    In my setup I have two Z probes, one is an inductive probe set up as K0 and the other is an endstop as K1. I wanted to try to enable filtering for K1 but this yields a non-working K1 probe input in DWC (the signal value never changes for K1):

    M558 K0 P8 C"^zprobe.in" T18000 F120 H5 A5 S0.01 R0.2
    M558 K1 P5 C"^zstop" T18000 F60 H2 A10 S0.005 R0.2

    As a workaround I need to exchange K0 and K1, so that the single P5 probe is at K0. That works fine, however it is problematic since G29 always uses probe index 0 and there is no way to change this.

    In the past (RRF2) I used macros to change the current probe type based on the operating context, but with RRF3 supporting multiple Z probes implicitly I no longer had to do this so it was a nice quality of life upgrade. I hope I don't have to go back to a similar setup.

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    G29 S0 does support the K parameter, although it might not be documented yet.

    EDIT: yes the K parameter was already documented at https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode?revisionid=HEAD#Section_G29_Mesh_bed_probe.

  • That's good to know. Then the G29 issue becomes that I must never ever forget to supply K1 with it, otherwise I will crash during probe moves and likely damage my hardware (I had a similar safety problem with RRF2 and multiple probe activation macros). If there was a pre/post macro for G29 then that could be automated and made safe. But I digress...

    Does that mean there is no plan of allowing the P5 probe type to work at another index than 0? As long as there is only a single one defined in the config, of course.

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    @fulg said in [3.2beta4] P5 probe type must be at K0:

    If there was a pre/post macro for G29 then that could be automated and made safe.

    I htink in 3.2 there will be a system macro called mesh.g that would be called if present by G29 that would allow for that.

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    Yes the 3.2 beta series invokes mesh.g if you use G29 with no S parameter. Inside mesh.g you can use G29 S0 K1.

  • Thanks. One last attempt at getting back on topic, what about probe type P5 and K1?

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