Association of stall with object being printed?

  • Now that we have the ability to cancel specific objects, it would be useful to have the ability to associate a stall with a specific object.

    Especially once we have variables, I could imagine building a stall response that tries a couple of mitigations and ultimately cancels printing of the object.


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    You can configure stall detection to run rehome.g and in that macro you should be able to use Would that help you?

  • @chrishamm Ah, interesting, thanks. Yes, that might help at least display which object it is.

    I am guessing that there might be some misleading situations when transitioning between objects?

    I was thinking I would try a few things before killing the object, for which I think I would need variables to count stalls (three strikes?). But this gives me something to start on!

  • @chrishamm so I guess something like this?

    echo "Stall detected:"
    echo "  Current position:", move.axes[0].letter, move.axes[0].userPosition, move.axes[1].letter, move.axes[1].userPosition
    echo "  Current object:",
    echo "Rehoming and resuming."
    G28 X Y

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