question about pinda temp probe

  • I have been having issues with the temp calibration but was able to get a temp range calibrated to work properly every time. I saw Prusa firmware has an m860 or marlin M192 to wait for temp on the probe is this possible with the probe like the m190 or m109 equivalent for the probe?

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  • maybe but not sure how I would use it for a virtual heater I did find a macro Idea was able to get that to work like M98 P"0:/macros/pinda_wait"

    while sensors.analog[2].lastReading < 60
    G4 S1

    probably not the best solution but it works and that is all that matters right lol

  • I was able to get a basic function but would like to add a bit more ability would it be possible to do an if statement with a while this is what I was thinking but have not been able to get to work

    if sensors.analog[2].lastReading > 65
    m117 pinda to HOT cooling down
    while sensors.analog[2].lastReading > 65
    M106 S100
    G1 Z10 F1000.0
    G4 S1
    elif sensors.analog[2].lastReading < 62
    while sensors.analog[2].lastReading < 62
    G4 S1

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