How to disable mesh probing grid?

  • The G29 command can be run with the extruder installed. This is unacceptable for a toolchanger.

    I want to write a macro that will check if there is an extruder on the carriage and start the calibration.

    I can remove the M557 command from config.g so that the G29 command cannot be executed. But after running the macro, the probing grid will be defined and the G29 command can start probing.

    Is there a way to clean up the probing grid definition?

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    If you are using an experimental 3.2 version (> 3.1.1) you can create mesh.g that is executed when you run G29. Right at the start you can then add a check to abort the macro file if a tool is selected. It could look something like

    if state.currentTool != -1
      abort "Cannot do mesh probing when a tool is selected"
    G29 S0

    Or just deselect the tool (if set) and then continue with mesh probing

    G29 S0

  • I am currently using 3.2-beta 4.1

    Thanks for the quick response! So I will do it.

  • An alternative is to use G32 and in bed.g put:
    M561 ; clear any bed transform
    G29 S1 ; load current heightmap.csv
    if result > 1 ; if no heightmap.csv, make one.
    G29 S0

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