PanelDue 7" Firmware woes.

  • Hi all,

    Our PanelDue came pre-installed with Version 1.15 of the firmware and we wanted to update to 1.16.

    We have tried using the GUI and command line version to update the firmware on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 PC's and tried updating the firmware with the display on and off the board. It always verifies and completes successfully however after a reset the panel doesn't light up.

    Has anyone had this issue before?



  • I had that issue and I was doing it wrong. It was how I was hitting the reset and erase buttons. Paid closer attention to the directions and it worked. I used the GUI and made sure I had the load boot loader, or something like that checked.

  • administrators

    If you use the GUI version of Bossa, you should check Erase, Boot from Flash, and Lock. [Edit: before you press the Write button.]

  • It didn't make a difference. The issue still occurs.

  • Have you tried using sam-ba? I find this works well. I'm hosting it somewhere here if you search for it.

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