Beta11: "Error: Failed to initialise WiFi module, code -10"

  • Error: Failed to initialise WiFi module, code -10

    Hi folks,
    Setting up a Duet Wifi today… I am running/powering it just over USB, I was able to set up wifi, access the web interface, and then I uploaded the latest beta11 firmware to the web interface. I believe it flashed successfully, but then network went down.

    I have read the wiki sections about updating and fallbacks, but I am confused about what the next step should be.

    I think this board has been sitting dormant for a few months, so it is entirely possible that the ESP8266 firmware is too old, or something else?

    Feedback after reset:

    Thanks for the help!

  • An update,
    The next thing I tried to do was manually flash the experimental wifi firmware. This, after sending M552 S1, would report no known networks found followed by Wifi module is idle. I would never get a Duet access point.

    At this point I wiped the SD Card and created gcodes folder and copied macros from the github and sys from the sys-Prusai3.

    After this I did a manual flash of stable main firmware and wifi firmware, and now I was able to set up my wifi network again and access the web interface.

    So, I am now on stable firmware… Will wait until I am better aquainted with all this before try experimental again...

    One other question - I notice the Diag LED is constantly on, I'm not sure if it was before. It will blink off for a sec when the board is reset, but otherwise it is always on. Is this ok?


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    Always read the upgrade notes at before installing new firmware. Had you done so, they would have led you to

    The diag light shares a pin with the Z probe MOD signal, so it is always on when using a type 1 Z probe.

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