Expanding the A.M. Capabilities?

  • Autodesk allows students and educators to have free 3 year renewable licenses for pretty much every product they have to offer. Naturally, I have a strong bias towards Autodesk stuff….they made a 3D printer that never really for much attention though.

    I'm always at my local FabLab and I see the benefits of other types of Additive Manufacturing techniques, has anyone done an SLA or SLS/DMLS machine with the Duet?? I've seen Ramps and Marlin modified for it (I think it was the ramps board). I see just a CNC controller (a good one with expandable options)....I don't know what kind of circuitry is required to operate a laser, I do know it's high power, and needs to control Motors for either the lenses or X, Y and Z, and Z may change the focal point of the laser.

    I know I'm still in over my head, I've mentioned BLDC Servos before, the main reason I push for this implementation, both with hardware and software, is because I'm the industrial world, it's either AC Multiphase(electric) Servos for milling machines, lathes, etc, or multiple phase DC brushless servos to run things like the dual extruder on the Stratasys uPrint SE at our lab, or the motors in a small Swiss-Type Lathe, or the Epilog Laser cutter we have.

    So I think the support for these could open up a huge realm of possibilities, all patents and copyrights aside.

    So back to the A.M. Capabilities, I have yet to take the time to try to really dive deep into the firmware, or the hardware really required, is SLA or SLS/DMLS possible or is it a consideration at least? (Otherwise I might lease a metal printer in the next 6-8 months, so, can I build one myself or should I sign a lease? Haha)

    Autodesk made what they call the Ember.


    From what I can tell, it appears that it is all Open-Source, and I was curious if someone could point me in the right direction if the Duet Wi-Fi/Ethernet is not capable of this. As far as software is concerned, if the hardware is capable of it, I doubt the configuration would be extremely difficult…I am under the impression the laser diode (are fiber lasers still a diode at the end??) would not be much different than the PID tuned PWM heater (whether it be the nozzle of higher voltage with SSR heated bed or heated chamber).

    I'm going to try to build the Ember soon, so this becomes important by the end of the year for me. Just curious if it's supported and not implemented or if it's possible with it. My focus right now is on a stepper controlled SLA 3D printer, probably in a CoreXY style but maybe only one Z motor, although I may copy the Ember nearly exactly since the provide the entire assembly for inventor and it uses a PRO4500 module from Texas Instruments. I've only done a little bit of research on this and will do more next month and share my research of course.


    (I know this is expensive, I won't be paying for this though, the Faulhaber's will be).
    Thank you in advance,

  • This doesnt answer your question but you should check out clearpath SDSK servos it will save you a bunch of headache and yes they are compatible with the Duet or any other board for that matter

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