Updates on filament jam sensor?

  • I've searched the forum, and noticed a number of posts where people implement a 'switch style' filament runout sensor, but hear talk about the development and implementation of a real filament jam sensor in, 'the future'.

    It almost never happens to me but… having this (jam) happened twice in one day for reasons I can't explain... looking into a sensor like this is top on my list. And based on the size of my machine (longest print was 72 hours). This gives me some piece of mind.

    Found this on the wiki:
    Specially saying "we currently support switches, and that' it".

    But, since I keep reading that a 'filament jam sensor is in the works', is there any actual release date in mind? Beggars can't be choosers, but if there's any sort of time-frame, it'd be great to hear.
    And, will it work with RADDS? 🙂


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